Be My Voyeur

Spy On Me!

Summer is right around the corner and it’s almost pool time again! I can’t wait to get back in the water and float around naked … VBEG! The thing that always turns me on is the thought of you looking over my backyard wall and just watching me float as you sit there and stroke your cock. I love to hear how a guy stokes his cock looking at my naked body. It totally turns me on and never fails to get me all wet. I can visualize you stroking and squirting your warm cum right into your hand as watch me get naked. Ever fantasized about me coming up and licking up the warm cum off your cock? Let’s make it happen!


Look Up!

Waiting in the Window for You … Wanna Come Up and Fuck?

I really get excited when I can flash a guy and tease him a little bit. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Imagine walking into the hotel and see me standing in bold view showing you my totally naked body through the window. Would you come knock on my hotel room door or just go and check in and keep the memory? I would have to say if you came and knocked on the door I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to open it. The thought of letting a total stranger into my room for quickie is really exciting! I like the idea of casual sex with a total stranger with no strings attached. Let me know what you would do in this situation! CLICK HERE and come up and fuck me the escort wife I am!

Rooftop with Rhonda

Naked On The Rooftop with Rhonda (Remastered with Larger and Never Before Seen Images)

After posting several new sets I figured it was time for a throwback. Hubby had taken the time to re-master these pictures of Rhonda and I taken on July 7, 2000 into the new larger size that we post today, plus I’ve added several that I have not posted in the past.

This is one of my hubby’s favorite sets of all time. It was just one of these lucky culmination of events that you could not plan. Rhonda was one of my early web friends but unfortunately I’ve lost track of her :( She came down for Illinois to visit me and then we traveled from Phoenix down to Tucson for Dreamnet Meet & Greet. It was really a fantastic time. Well on this day we decided to shoot a picture set on the rooftop balcony of our hotel suite. It just so happened that a monsoon was rolling in with dark rainy skies and super high winds. After snapping a couple test shots we realized how cool the pictures looked against the dark skies and decided to keep on going. It was just lucky the pictures turned out so cool.

Rhonda and I had blast this day and feeling her naked body was really wild for me at the time because I had done very few shoots with other women so I was quite nervous, but she was such a free spirit and wonderful woman that my nerves quickly subsided and we got all naked to and showed the goods … hehehe! CLICK HERE and let me know how you want to celebrate with me.

Waiting For His Return!

Waiting for Him Naked on the Balcony!

Here I am at the resort .. this is such a beautiful place and fills me (and someone else) full of fond memories. We met here two years ago and spent 2 nights of bliss together. It is something that neither of us have ever forgotten and something we both cherish in our hearts. So here I am again but he is not with me this time. I am waiting for his return (you know who you are) and I want you to meet me again as I wait 100% naked for you outside on the balcony. There is not sneaking into your first floor room this time. You’ll have to come upstairs and get me! So if you are ever in the Phoenix area please give me a call and let me know. Because the waiting has been going on to long enough and we both know what we’re waiting for! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Ode’ To Mom

Ode’ To Mom – A Naked Pictorial History from 2000 – 2020!

This week’s update is being written by me, Rob, Dawn Marie’s Hubby. This is an ode’ to mom on Mother’s Day. For past 22 years my wife has been entertaining you and herself online being a naughty naked wife. But she is also a mom, and she is the best Mother that any man could ask when it comes to raising his own boys. Dawn and I have successfully raised two well-adjusted men and to this day we have fantastic and loving relationship with them. So much of their younger years was with Dawn alone as I travelled constantly for work. It is because of my wife, Dawn Marie, these boys got such a great foundation for their lives. She is loving mom and it shows in our boys. I praise her for it.

However, my loving wife does have naughty side and that is another fantastic part of her. We have had so much fun doing sexually naughty things together and apart and you have seen 99% of it on this website. So, my lovely wife is still doing it and still enjoying it. But for today we have something special. On this Mother’s Day of 2020 I have put together a gallery of images, so you get to see Dawn Marie in a naked pictorial history from the year 2000 – 2020. There is a minimum of 3 pictures from every year. Watch this sexy mom grow and flourish in her sexuality over the years!

Thanks, and Love to Dawn Marie ~ Rob


Getting Off and Cumming in the Park

Public Nudity and Masturbation. Construction workers close by!

Well now … I’m back after a little break with my kids and grandson. This video was really fun, it has been a long time since I shot a video outside in a public place. I went to public park near our house and got off with guys only about 100 feet away eating in their work trucks. In this particular park lots of blue-collar guys that drive construction trucks stop for their lunch breaks. It was really erotic fingering my pussy and pulling out my tits in a public place where I could definitely get caught. As a matter of fact, I am certain they saw me. None of them walked up close to me though. Would you walk up and watch if you saw me with my tits out making myself cum in public park?  CLICK HERE for all my pictures and videos!


MILF on the Tracks

Dawn Marie on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Sometimes as mom and wife you just want to go to the “wrong side of the tracks” for some naughty fun and experience some fun you normally don’t get in your life, this was one of those evenings. I went outside near sunset for some outside photos and didn’t want to just go to some business center or normal photos out in the desert. So, I ended up in the train yards near downtown Phoenix. I always feel so “naughty” taking my clothes off outside. This particular spot was fun because there were people around. The work day was over, but warehouse guys were still milling around closing up shop. As I exposed myself on the tracks I could just feel my pussy getting wet.  Are you willing to take me to the wrong side of the tracks for some naughty fun? CLICK HERE and let me know! GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Naked in The Woods

Naked in The Woods – A Secret Find!

I was looking through all my pictures recently and ran across these. These are older pictures that I never posted. Despite the beauty of the woods the sun was little harsh this day and that caused me to never post the images. Well looking back on them now I thought you all deserve to see them. No fancy makeup, no fancy lighting, no fancy camera, no photo-shopping … just some snapshots of me stripping down naked in the mountains of Arizona. So, come join me in the woods and let’s get naked together in nature! CLICK HERE and let me know! GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Flashing On The Highway

I’m Getting Naked On The Highway – 70+ Photos!

Nothing like flashing truckers and men in their cars as you are driving down the highway. Hubby is in the back seat taking pictures, a friend is driving and I am getting buck ass naked in the front passenger seat flashing other people on the road. I really got turned on taking these photos, public nudity always gets my juices flowing and I get off on exposing myself where I am not supposed to LOL! Would you be able to keep your eyes on the road if you saw me naked in the front seat of my car? CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PUBLIC NUDITY!