Business Girl Slut

Pantyhose & Heels … then I strip naked!

Well welcome home honey! I wanted to surprise you so I got out one of your business shirts and decided to dress in up in only a bra, fishnet, heels and your shirt. I thought that after a long day of work you could use some R&R when you got home. I’m super horny today and I want to take it out on you? Imagine me climbing on top of you with my fishnet covered pussy and grinding your cock as you unbutton the shirt I’m wearing so that you suck my nipples into your mouth.

I do appreciate you working so hard to keep me happy & healthy and I want to reward you by being your little business girl slut. So just sit back close your eyes and let me ride your cock like I’m the sexy young secretary in your office. Does this sound like something you’d enjoy coming home from work?


BBC and Mature

BBC & Pantyhose! Pictures & HD Video!

There is nothing I like more than big black cock and pantyhose! In this update I get to combine both of them together. My newest black friend Jay has a love of pantyhose and when he revealed that to me I knew what the perfect scene would be for us. So this past Sunday I put on a nice skirt, blouse, heels and pantyhose and then invited Jay over to my house. I was getting so horny anticipating his arrival I could hardly wait. Once he walked in the front the door it did not take long until we were go at it. We started making out on the couch and it wasn’t long before I was ripping his clothes and he was doing the same to me, however, the pantyhose NEVER came off of me. Jay just ripped them open and ate my pussy until I orgasmed and then we fucked some more! It was so damn hot … hehe! When I took his big black cock into my mouth I could feel it growing harder and harder between my lips. We had so much fun sucking and fucking … I finally finished him off and let him come right on my lips!


Post Presentation Party

Now the Fun Begins!

I was worried about the presentation that I just kept my mind on the “after party” so that I could stay focused. But what I didn’t expect was surprising my colleagues with my naughty evening gown. I think they were in shock when I showed up all “sexed up” and ready for a drink. I teased and “accidentally bumped” men all night long .. LOL! See why I was the talk of the office the next day.


Pantyhose in the Sun

Oh Winter in Arizona LOL!

I know that much of the country is stuck in a bitter cold snap with temperatures below zero degrees so I thought I’d share some of the Arizona sun with you. One of the fantastic things about Arizona is in the middle of winter it is 70 degrees and sunny outside! I really want to warm you up so I put on my seamless white pantyhose and decided to get naked out in the sun. Thinking of you watching me from the frozen parts of the country as I get naked outside totally turns me on. Imagine me warming you up by wrapping my nylon covered legs around you. Or perhaps I just sit on your face and let you eat my pussy right through the nylon crotch of my pantyhose. I hope that I am able to raise your temperature because you surely raise mine! Let’s warm up together by having some hot sex with each other!


Pantyhose in the Pool

How About We Both Get Wet!

It is me in the swimming pool wearing my fishnet pantyhose and enjoying the warm Arizona sun. Nothing like pantyhose in the pool, right? It is a very sensual feeling when my pantyhose get all wet and are soaked with water. The tightness of the wet nylon against my skin provides this feeling of being squeezed and hugged in a very sensual way. So, come join me in the pool and perhaps you can help me out of my pantyhose so that hard cock of yours can slide into my pussy! Now that be a lot of fun … sex in the pool too! VBEG!


Office Pantyhose

Ready for some office romance?

This is an old picture set taken way back on 26-Jul-2004. However, back then I only posted 20 of the pictures and today I posted all 40 of them and they are all REMASTERED in today’s larger resolutions! I am posting this because I have a member who saw one of these pictures on the web somewhere but had never seen the whole picture set.

I know that some of you have mentioned me posting some older stuff recently and I apologize. You have my PROMISE that after Memorial Day weekend I will be shooting lots of new content and getting back in the grove. I must confess that Covid knocked me off my game. I deeply appreciate your support and there is all new stuff coming!

The thing I noticed most about these pictures is look at the computers LOL! The old beige box and monitors running Windows. A far cry from the fancy Macs we use today in our home. But all in all, this is a great picture set. As you know I just love wearing pantyhose and this day in the office I just imagined you coming up to me at work flirting and winking at me. I follow your lead and we sneak off to the back storage closet for quickie! You pull my dress up, rubbing your hard cock all over my pantyhose. Next, I squat down in front of you with urgency, so we do not get caught and suck your cock until it is hard. I stand up and you spin me around bending me over and pull down the back of my pantyhose just enough to plunge your cock deep in my pussy. We fuck like rabbits right there in the storage closet biting our lips just enough, so we do not get busted. After you cum in my pussy I quickly pull up my pantyhose and we go back to our desks. I sit there doing my working feeling your hot cum inside of me as I work.


I Gotta Run!

Oh NO! Brand New Pantyhose and I got a Run in Them!

In my pantyhose that is. I had a nice member send me this super cool pair of pantyhose and just a week ago I sat down at the desk to do a nice shoot in them and somehow I managed to put a run in both of them LOL! I don’t know if it was my toenails or what but I decided at that moment … to heck with it and did the shoot anyway. Have you guys ever seen a woman at work with a run in her pantyhose. It’s always so embarrassing to us out in public but then again it may not be so bad. If it ends up attracting a guys attention to our legs then perhaps it’s not all bad. I love when I catch a guy looking at my legs. Sometimes I even “accidentally” let my skirt ride up so he can see more … LOL! There is nothing like being at your desk at work and catching a guy taking a glimpse then watch him swiftly look away. Well I have news for you guys. It’s been my experience that most women don’t really mind and are even flattered by the looks and attention in their physical looks. No, we don’t want to be taken for granted because of the way we look. But most women do appreciate a sexy glaze from a man … I know I do so if you see me at work please don’t look away and let’s get naughty in the office! CLICK HERE and GET ME NAKED!

Sticks & Balls

Sticks -n- Balls in Thigh High Boots – High-Rez Photos!

There is just something about the combination of leather and nylon that makes a woman feel very sexy. Went to a friend’s house to shoot a little pool and I surprised him when I showed up wearing this. When he opened the front door and saw me in my tight leather mini-skirt, thigh high leather boots and pantyhose with revealing shirt he just smiled from ear to ear. It is a friend that I go over and visit once in a while for some fun. Unfortunately, he cannot be on camera, but we still have some hot sex together LOL!

Usually when I go over to his place, I don’t dress up so much because we always end up taking our clothes off so fast … VBEG! But this time I surprised the heck out of him in this outfit and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was happy with what I wore! I asked him if he would mind taking a set of pictures for me before we started messing around, he said “sure”! What he didn’t know is that I had another surprise for him. Under my mini-skirt I was wearing my “ass open” pantyhose which highlight my big butt cheeks. As he was taking my pictures, I revealed my new pantyhose and he became super hard! We could barely get through the picture set before stripping our clothes off. But once I was naked and the camera was off, I fucked and sucked his hard cock with all the passion I had.

He bent me right over the pool table and drove his cock deep in my pussy! I let him “fuck me like the naughty wife I am …” and he fucked me so hard the neighbors could probably hear him slapping against my ass with each thrust of his stiff cock! Finally, he exploded in my pussy with tons of warm cum. I just stood there so he could watch it dripping out onto the floor. So, CLICK HERE and tell me what your fantasy would be if I came over to your place and let you shoot a set of pictures for me!

Ode’ To Mom

Ode’ To Mom – A Naked Pictorial History from 2000 – 2020!

This week’s update is being written by me, Rob, Dawn Marie’s Hubby. This is an ode’ to mom on Mother’s Day. For past 22 years my wife has been entertaining you and herself online being a naughty naked wife. But she is also a mom, and she is the best Mother that any man could ask when it comes to raising his own boys. Dawn and I have successfully raised two well-adjusted men and to this day we have fantastic and loving relationship with them. So much of their younger years was with Dawn alone as I travelled constantly for work. It is because of my wife, Dawn Marie, these boys got such a great foundation for their lives. She is loving mom and it shows in our boys. I praise her for it.

However, my loving wife does have naughty side and that is another fantastic part of her. We have had so much fun doing sexually naughty things together and apart and you have seen 99% of it on this website. So, my lovely wife is still doing it and still enjoying it. But for today we have something special. On this Mother’s Day of 2020 I have put together a gallery of images, so you get to see Dawn Marie in a naked pictorial history from the year 2000 – 2020. There is a minimum of 3 pictures from every year. Watch this sexy mom grow and flourish in her sexuality over the years!

Thanks, and Love to Dawn Marie ~ Rob


Double Bonus Update

Double Bonus Update with Selfie’s and 4k Video Selfie
(100% Unedited Pantyhose to Nude Selfies)

Ok guys, since we are all so locked up, I was feeling a little extra horny and I am giving you a double bonus update this week.

First, I have video I recorded as selfie a while back with a selfie update and there is funny story behind it. I went to use my “finger vibrator” and the damn thing broke and would not work. I ended up improvising and removed the fingertip portion of the vibrator and slipped right on my finger and damn did it work well. I really got off good using this thing on my finger. I do lots of dirty talking and verbal fantasizing about you being deep in my pussy as I dream of you hard cock.

Second, there is brand new set of Selfies I just took on Friday April 10th and I wore a really tight dress with pantyhose and heels. You guys always make me feel so sexy in when I wear pantyhose because of all the wonderful compliments you give me. I just imagine us together with me wearing nylon and it is always so erotic.

CLICK HERE for this double bonus update with me in nylon and very special cum encouragement 4k video!


Can I Be Your Distraction?

Let Me Distract You in My Black Dress and Pantyhose!

With all this Impeachment stuff on every TV channel and constantly be inundated with interruptions I thought maybe I could be your distraction from what is going on in Washington. So, today I thought we could meet up! I plan on wearing this little black pullover dress and black pantyhose with me heels. It would be the fun for the both of us. Just imagine a fun erotic encounter between the two of us at a nice local hotel. You could strip me out this dress and my pantyhose and I would return the favor by stripping you down. Then we proceed to the bed for the oldest form of entertainment. I want to suck your cock, and have you fuck me as we worry about nothing going on the real world. Sounds like a distraction plan from all the drama in politics. Let’s do it! GET ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Business Attire with a Twist

Inappropriate Stockings with Business Attire!

I get so many comments when I wear a businesswoman’s outfit … you guys just love seeing me dressed as I would be at the office. I think it has to do with the fantasy we all have, the fantasy of a hot office rendezvous that we keep secret from everyone. The thought of sneaking off with your co-worker to take a long business lunch or dinner and then hooking up with them is a real turn on! No-strings-attached sex with someone you find hot is a fantastic erotic experience. Well to tease even more I decided to wear fishnet stocking pantyhose under my business skirt. I just imagine you looking at me in the office with that devilish look on your face like you can’t wait to fuck at our lunchtime rendezvous. Would you be willing to take me out at lunchtime for a quickie so we both can satisfy our appetites?

CLICK HERE and tell me what you would do to me sexually and how I could satisfy you.   CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Home Alone Pantyhose Selfies

(79 100% Unedited Selfies taken 27-Apr-19)

So yesterday hubby went out for about 7 hours to shoot photos in the desert and left me home alone. It was great having some chill time by myself. I started out catching up on some home shows and then reading a book. The book I’m reading is little spicy in parts and kind of got my mind wandering to more sexual things. Being home alone I started thinking I should do some selfies. So, I put on my bra and pantyhose and then grabbed my selfie stick. All I could think about while shooting these photos was how much fun it would have been if you were here with me. When I’m home alone like this my mind always wanders to naughty thoughts and that includes you ravaging my body and worshipping my pantyhose covered legs and feet! Are you up for taking care of my sexual wants? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Redhead In Shamrock Pantyhose

Let’s Share Each Other’s Pots of Gold!

St. Patrick’s Day is a big day in our house as my hubby is a “Mc” through and through so normally we always shoot something new for this day, but this year, life just got in the way. I’m wishing you all a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So how do you feel like having my shamrock nylon covered legs wrapped around you? That sure sounds fantastic to me and I would love to have you here in person to rub your hands up and down my thighs. Let’s find each other’s pots of gold …. VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Strap-On Moms

Mom’s Take Turns Using The Strap-on! 90+ High Rez Photos!

As you know I am not really a girl / girl type of woman. I am pretty much strictly dickly, but this set allows me to work in a both a girl and a dick … hehehe! This set includes my friend Haley and is a throw back set, I wanted to bring this set back because it’s not been on my site for a LONG TIME and I am traveling on vacation starting Friday and I am super busy this week so shooting new photos just wasn’t going to happen.

This night former Dreamgirl Haley and I use a strap-on together. Previously I only posted my half of the pictures but since Haley is long gone from Dreamnet I am posting both my pictures and the pictures she posted on her site. They have all been re-mastered in the new modern sizes, much larger than they were originally posted.

Haley and I had so much fun this night and we really enjoy playing with it each other. Plus this set has double bonus … we’re both wearing pantyhose … BEG! I know many of you enjoy pantyhose so this set works on two levels hehehehe!

I have to say feeling Haley slide inside of me with a strap-on was something special. Who would of ever thought that two women could fuck like this …. hehehehe! And then when it was my turn to fuck Haley I felt very powerful with the dick hanging off of me and sliding deep in her pussy. We both orgasmed like crazy!

Enjoy all the strap-on action and get two complete sets of pictures as Haley and I fuck each other! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Hope This Doesn’t Get Me In Trouble

Secretly I Love Office Hook Ups!

I sure hope this doesn’t get me in trouble but then again … the risk is half the fun :) I have a guy at work that knows about my site and he told me how he loves it when I wear pantyhose. So today I wore these black pantyhose into work … I teased the best I could without getting in trouble. Then I whispered into his ear … “watch my website because I’ll go straight home today and take pictures so you can see me all naked and naughty in my pantyhose” …. you get to see a lot more than my office worker saw at the office!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Business Woman in Pantyhose

Come Strip Me Out of My Business Attire and Pantyhose

I have had many men tell me that seeing a sexy woman at the office in business attire and pantyhose is a huge turn on. There is just something about a sexy woman in the office that really gets men excited. I know it is not proper to sexualize women in the workplace but let’s be real, we all dress to impress and enjoy that unspoken sexual tension that sometimes arises in the office place. Nobody should be disrespected in the office place, but that fun unspoken sexual flirting that happens can be quite a turn on. I believe both men and women have naughty thoughts of sexual adventures with a co-worker. Let’s make our sexual adventure come to life. You can meet this traveling business woman in her hotel room and strip me out of my pantyhose and we can have a hot sexual romp. Does that sound like a plan to you?  CLICK HERE AND GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Back in Pantyhose

Dawn Marie is Back in Pantyhose!

I have been a naughty girl! Just recently a friend of my site commented to me that I have not done any pictures in pantyhose for quite a while. I agree, I have not worn pantyhose for a shoot for a long time and it has always been one of the staples of pictures I have done over the years. So, here you go! Dawn Marie is back in pantyhose. I have fantasized over the years of you running your hands up and down my pantyhose covered legs. This fantasy is not only from your perspective it is also from my perspective and I get off on the idea of you getting all excited with me while I am wearing pantyhose. Just imagine me in my business attire and then we meet up for drinks and I am wearing pantyhose. The thoughts that go through my mind about you ripping my pantyhose off of me cannot even be repeated publicly … hehe.   Let’s just say it is an evening that we will never forget. So, are you interested? CLICK HERE and GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Back in Pantyhose

Dawn Marie is Back in Pantyhose!

It has been a while since I did pantyhose pictures. My big butt in pantyhose is definitely my number one requested style of solo photos. Along with pantyhose goes business attire … I think both men and women often have the office crush that they keep to themselves. We keep it to ourselves because in the work environment it is inappropriate to let your sexual feelings known. But I am sure we have all fantasied about the person at work that we would like to fuck … VBEG! So, what would you think of me if I worked in your office? Would you have the fantasy of ripping off these pantyhose and fucking me from behind? CLICK HERE and tell me what your fantasy is for me in the work place. GET ALL MY XXX PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

Sexual Therapy

Dawn Marie Provides Sexual Therapy

So you have come into see me today because you’ve had the blues recently and have not been feeling your normal happy self? Well perhaps there is something I can do about that. I am no professional psychologist but I do specialize in making people happy.  It seems to me that you are down because you have not had enough sex lately, is that true? I am sorry to hear that but I think I can remedy that situation right here and right now! I’ll start by slowly stripping out of my business attire, but I’ll leave my white pantyhose on long enough for you to enjoy them.  You just sit there in that chair and stroke your cock while I strip.  I know you have a fetish for pantyhose so I’ll be sure to tease you for a bit … but the big surprise will come at the end. Once I am nude I’ll bend over on this chair and I want you to bury your cock deep in my pussy from behind. I want you to fuck me hard until you cum deep inside my pussy.  That will release all the sad feelings from you soul and we will both be satisfied. Does that sound like a plan for our session this afternoon? CLICK HERE!