Sneak Pad

Dawn Marie is Going to Build a Sneak Pad!

Last night hubby and I had to run to the studio, so we decided to shoot some pics while we were there. btw … if you are a member of my Premium Snap you got an early preview of the pics. I suggested that we make “office” into a proper “bedroom”. We could use it for shoots and I could shoot their too … It could be my only little sneak pad, LOL … Would you sneak off and meet me there for a little fun? No sneaking in and out of hotels or prying eyes just simply you and me? Could I tempt you to have some naughty fun?? CHECK OUT my update and join me for some naughty fun!! CLICK HERE AND GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Unpack Me!

Unpack Me Out of this Tight Ass Dress!

I am wrapped up tight in this blue dress that zips up the front. Wearing something tight is probably my number one request and I aim to please. This dress zips all the way up the front for easy access hehe! So, if I wore this dress out on date with us would you be willing to unzip me out of it? Just imagine the stares we would get with me wearing this at some upscale hotel bar … the others in the bar would probably think I’m some kind of mature call girl LOL! The stares of others would only add to our excitement as we sit there sipping on our Martini’s. And after a few drinks and you rubbing my leg we could head up to your hotel room and you can truly work your way under this dress for some naughty fun! Don’t worry I never fuck a man and tell. It will be our secret! CLICK HERE and GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Dawn Marie’s Puts You In a Dilemma

You told me you were coming to town for meetings and asked if I would be willing to meet you for drinks one night while you were in town. Things just happen to work out and so I agreed to meet you in the bar of your hotel. We had a cocktail and great conversation and really hit it off. We decide to go up to your room for a little fun. We had so pretty sex and I notice it is getting late… So here is the dilemma… Do you send me on my way, or do you invite me to spend the night and continue our fun through out the night and then drag your ass to your meeting?? What would you do?? GET ALL MY XXX PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie