Bad Santa

Santa’s Dirty Little Secret
(High-Rez Photos in my Club)

I hope I’m not blowing the image of Santa Claus here but this is my story. Growing up we all learned to leave Santa a little gift or snack to show our appreciation for all the hard work he does each year coming to all our houses to deliver all the wonderful gifts. Well since I started on the Web way back in 1998 I have started a new tradition. I wanted to gift Santa a little something extra each year and not just cookies and milk. So I started staying up late on Christmas eve and wearing this cute little one piece Santa lingerie outfit. When Santa shows up at my house I peer around the corner and then surprise him in my little outfit. I know Ms. Claus would be quite upset but I also know men and men like to see a little strange every now then. So when I started surprising Santa all those years ago in this outfit I could see the pleasure I was providing. Santa would leave me little gifts and I’d give him images of vitality and sexuality that he can carry with him through the night. But there is only one problem … Santa is not the cheating type and he would never go behind Mrs. Claus’ back. So I need a more mortal man to help satisfy my sexual urges in this little outfit. Would you be willing to come by my house on Christmas Eve and surprise me with your nice warm and hard cock? Just imagine us together and I lift up my little outfit revealing a present that we can both share together. If this sounds like something you would enjoy for Christmas come over and you can be my back door Santa!

P.S. Please don’t tell Mrs. Claus about Santa enjoying me in my little outfit. He has his reputation you know.



Once In While We All Need Luxury

You know every once in while we all need a little luxury. You know me and I am not a very high maintenance woman. I’m actually a relatively easy going woman raised in small town Kentucky. So I have never really experienced the “high life”. But every now and then we all want to be treated special. So recently I got to stay in this beautiful hotel room and it just made me feel fantastic. Having a little bit of luxury now and then is good for the ego and good for the soul. Don’t ya’ think? Having the finer things in life is something I’ve never had. Don’t misunderstand me … I’m not crying poverty, but I am certainly not rich either. Just your average American woman with a middle class family living a middle class life. So staying in such a nice room was a real turn on for me and let me feel extra special for a few days. I sure could get used to the luxury life style but I have to tell you I’m not sure it’s really me. I am much more of jeans, t-shirt and flip flop woman.

My mind could not help but wander as I was on this luxurious bed in my nighty and heels. Of course you know where it wandered … to the thoughts of a man taking me right here and now on this nice bed. Thoughts right out of a cheap love novel of being taken passionately and firmly for the night! I’ve always had the meet a strange man in the hotel bar fantasy and then retiring to his room for a night pure uninhibited bliss. Well now is your chance!


Can You Guess?

Can You Guess Why I’m Wearing All Orange?
100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 07-Jul-2021

Why am I wearing all orange lingerie this week you ask? Well, if you know me you know that I am a NBA fan and I am especially a Phoenix Suns fan, I have seen many of their games and I love watching them play! The Suns are in the NBA Finals, and the series started last night, and they won game 1 … woo hoo! So today to celebrate I decided to do a brand-new set of selfies, it will only be like 2 hours between taking these pictures and posting them on my site! Wanna come celebrate with me? After an exciting game like last night, I am juiced up and ready for some naughty fun and I need a partner to come jump in bed with me. That could be you if you have the right moves and are willing to assist! So, come and show me your skills and you can dunk your hard cock inside of me!


HotLanta Hookup

HotLanta Hookup Selfies Taken on 15-Apr-2021!

Do I ever have a unique experience to tell all of you? Just this past week I flew to Atlanta for a 24 hour turn around. It was to meet a long-time follower that has been following me since the year 2000. This man started following me right after high school and now is an extraordinarily successful professional running his own large company in Atlanta. We had met before a few years ago when he came to Phoenix. Well, this time it was different, he flew me to Atlanta for a nice dinner, drinks, and evening to hang out and have some fun. I have to say he really made me feel special. The trip included my plane flight, a personal driver picking me up and night on the 15th floor of The Ritz hotel in downtown Atlanta. It is always crazy to me to meet a man that has followed me for so long, I deeply appreciate my followers and I have fun meeting them from time to time. This man is handsome, professional, and really open about how long he has fantasized in his head about meeting me and that really turned me on. So, enjoy these selfies I took in the room while waiting to meet him. It was a real turn on!


Cum on Lingerie

I Want Your Jizz … Cum on My Lingerie!

Thank you Eric I deeply appreciate you sending me this sexy long lingerie! There is always something about dressing in proper lingerie that makes a woman feel hot and horny. I hope you get that same feeling seeing me in it.

While Eric may have sent me this lingerie, I am wearing for all of you. There is nothing I like hearing more than how you had fun looking at my pictures and how this mature woman was able to get your cock hard. Come and jackoff to me because it gets us both off. No big fancy story here, I just want your jizz and I like for you to cum all over my lingerie!


Mom In Pink Lingerie

The Marvels of Modern Technology

Happy Valentine’s Day … this is one of the most impromptu photosets I have done in long time. All new and thank you to the nice gentlemen that sent me the lingerie off my amazon list.

Hubby and I decided to head to the studio yesterday to do some cleaning up and maintenance. I always keep some lingerie stored there and suddenly hubby says, “Let’s do a picture set”, and I was like “we don’t have the camera”. Well low and behold because of modern technology we pulled it off. Today’s smart phones have amazing cameras and this photoset was taken on hubby’s phone with no fancy lighting rigs or anything.

What do you think of a mom in pink lingerie? Sometimes it seems the pink lingerie is reserved for the young and sexy, but I am here to say as mother and grand mother that I can rock it too! I would love to have you come and play with me and strip me out of this lingerie. I would like you to feel your cock grow in my hand and get big and hard as wrap my mouth around it. So come and join me for some good ole’ fashion hooking up and having a great sexual time!


Bullet Into the 2021 New Year!

Bullet Into the 2021 New Year! 100% (Unedited Selfies with 9+ min. 4K Selfie Video!)

A Special thanks to ClownMan who purchased me this sexy red lingerie!
Well, it is a new year, and we are all hoping 2021 will be a lot different than 2020! I am ready to get out and shoot with some new men and men I have not met before, however, I must wait until this Covid crap is over! So, for this update I decided to shoot a 4k video on my iPhone along with some iPhone selfies. Everything in this update I shot 100% on my own and you are getting it all unenhanced or edit. Just raw video and pictures of me having fun and dreaming of you climbing into my bed. Are you ready to come and have a rendezvous with me in this red lingerie? I’d love to have you join me, I am seriously hoping to hook up with some strange cock soon!)


Dirty Cum Encouragement

Dirty Cum Encouragement 4K Video!

Before I describe the video, I want to tell you this is my first 4K video. I want to hear your feedback on whether you want videos in full 4k or if HD is fine. Please email me and tell me your thoughts!

There is no big story with this video. Bottomline is I was really horny, and you were on my mind. I masturbate and give you lots of dirty talk because all I can think about is you cumming inside my wet pussy. I give you cum encouragement telling you how I want your hard cock inside of me. Straight to the point and straight to the fun.  So, let’s get off together. Would you be willing to cum inside of with a nice messy creampie? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Thank You! I Don’t Beg!

We All Enjoy Gifts But I Don’t Beg!

I want to thank Eric for sending me this outfit along with a few more in a big box of lingerie fun. I am a woman that appreciates a nice gift from my followers. However, I am not one of those women that “beg” for free shit. Yes, I have an Amazon Wishlist and you are welcome to use it. But you will never see me begging for money or gifts on my Twitter, Website or Email. I just appreciate you supporting me in any way you can. It cracks me when I see women flat out asking for gifts or trying to get guys to send them cash on online. We all have to work for our money. This is the work I chose, and I love it!  You’ll ever catch me begging, well unless I want your cock in my mouth or pussy … VBEG! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


It is fucking hot here, LOL

Incase you couldn’t tell, AZ Summer is here and it is fucking HOT!!!  Shocker I know, lol.  Well I have been getting up at 5 am to get my walks in before the heat, and that was when it was just pushing 80 degrees.  I looked at the forecast this week and at 5 a.m. we are suppose to be upper 80’s and into the 90’s, I can’t do that crap.  So I will be putting that gym membership to use, LOL.  

So this past week I had a slight gain, .2!  I’m not thrilled with it, but I’m not upset either, it reflects the choices I made the week of the holiday.  One of those choices was having cocktails three days that week and that is something I never do.. oh well, it is what it is.  Like my son told me “You can’t crush it every week”..  

I am signed up for SextPanther if you are interested in texting with me, this would be the way to do it!!

And I relaunched my OnlyFans if you are interested..  

Last week I was finally able to find a glider to match the chairs I refurbished last year.  A woman had it on craigslist and I got it for $38.  I can not wait for the summer weather to go away so I can start the refurbishing on this, there is a bit of rust I will have to sand and take care of, but I’m super stoked!!

Hope y’all had a wonderful July 4th and that this week goes by quickly for you all.

Hugs & Kisses ~ Dawn Marie

I Bet You Want One Piece

One Piece Lingerie and You!

So here I am in this little one piece of lingerie that covers from neck to toes, but don’t worry it is certainly easy access. You know I have a thing for hooking up with men that I truly enjoy. I have this fantasy about showing up with a little black dress on and only having this on underneath. What do you think? We could have a seriously fun and naughty hook up in a hurry if I met you out at a bar in this. I’ve always wanted to do that “take me in the bar” thing. You know what I mean where we meet at the bar and sneak into the bathroom for a quickie.  The door locked … me bent over the sink and you fucking me hard until we both cum? You game? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


This Ain’t No April Fools

(100% Unedited Selfies taken 01-Apr-19)

I had an April’s fool thing all planned to post yesterday and I was going to prank y’all that I was retiring … LOL! Yeah yeah, I’m sure there are some out there that wish I would retire, so go ahead and move on hehe! I was planning on doing a “fancy” type shoot for this week but honestly, I get so many compliments on these selfie updates that I decided to give you more! I have to admit these selfie updates are a lot of fun. You, me and the camera is what makes them special and they are done totally all natural as in there is zero enhancements of the pictures. The pictures go straight from my phone to my website.

Today I’m in this sexy little blue lingerie that shows off all my curves. This outfit really makes me feel sexual and it is such a shame you are not here to share it with me. Perhaps we need to remedy this situation. I want to hear how you would treat me if we were in bed together. Tell me what would turn you on and make you a happy man. You know I’m all about the dick, I am a man’s woman that wants a man’s touch. Do you have what it takes? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



NO FILTERS – Me, My Selfie Stick and You!
(Straight from my iPhone to You)

I’m a redhead in my red lingerie! I get such a kick out of doing these selfie photos for you guys. It always feels so intimate and carefree. Hubby has been working his butt off remodeling some websites, so I decided to grab my selfie stick and head to the guest room. I really had fun doing this and I always imagine myself sneaking selfie pictures to text you and flirt. Everyone likes to flirt and from selfie texting comes some intense orgasms. I have sexted with men in the past sending selfies back and forth and it can be really erotic. Are you ready for some erotic virtual sexting? Check out all my selfies from sweet and sexy to downright XXX! CLICK HERE AND GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



I’m Sexy and Ready

Let’s Fuck After a Long Week!

Darlin’ I know that you have had a long week of work, so I decided to surprise you. When you walk in the door I’ll be wearing this little bit of lingerie and I’ll be ready to take you inside me. No long romance, no candle lit dinner and now small talk … after walking in the door I am going to strip your close off quickly and start sucking your cock until it is good and hard. Then I am going to have you strip me out of this lingerie and bend me over the couch. I want to feel your hard cock slide inside my pussy from behind. You will feel how wet and slippery I am as you increase the pace of your fucking. I want you to fuck me harder and harder so that my big ass cheeks are bouncing, then I want you to squirt your hot warm load of cum deep in my pussy.   Now that is the way to start off the weekend! CLICK HERE and GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Breaking in The New Mattress

Memory Foam – Great for Fucking!

Recently we had to purchase a new mattress. We ended getting one of the new style mattresses which is not spring but has a thick memory foam top. WOW I cannot wait to break this in with one of my naughty friends. Fucking on this mattress will be fantastic because you don’t bounce on it when you move around. This thing will really allow for a guy to drive into me hard LOL! The grip and the motion in this mattress is fantastic for a naughty night in bed … hehe! I can just imagine you behind me grabbing my hips! As you fuck me I won’t slide all over the place but rather just enjoy your hard cock going in and out of my pussy nice and steady.  Are you ready to get behind me on my new mattress and show me what you’ve got? CLICK HERE and GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Nothing Like Giggles When Sending Naughty Selfies!

Even though I have been online for 20 years and have done tons of naughty hardcore videos and pictures I still have a blast running my website. Today was one of those days. I was sharing a couple naughty selfies with a guy that is real friend in real life and we started cracking up giggling, why? Because we have known each so long it’s like we are great friends and have moved past the sexual infatuation part of our relationship. We just get along and laugh all time giving each other shit on text. So, at this point in our friendship when it comes to being all sexual with each other it is just weird and it made us both laugh. After we stopped texting I realized … “you know what …” I did get a little turned on. So, I decided to go ahead and do a complete set of selfies and you get to see all of me in my natural glory. I get naked, show you my tits and ass and even spread my pussy for you. It is really crazy how selfies and text messaging (sexting) can turn us on. Does texting naughty pictures and messages turn you on? CLICK HERE and let me know! GET MY ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Busting Out

My Tits Are Busting Out!

I decided to bust out some new lingerie for a brand-new photo shoot for my site and my tits are literally busting out of it LOL! But if there is anything I know it is that you guys like me in tight tops … VBEG! I am in my guest bedroom waiting for you to come and unleash my big tits out of this top because believe me when I say this tight strap around my neck is killing me with these heavy tits of mine pulling down. I would much rather have your hands holding my tits instead this top. So, come and give me some support and while you are at it you can take off my bottoms and play with ass and pussy too. I’ll be sure to play with your hard cock and satisfy you until you come. It’s time for some mutual support! CLICK HERE FOR ALL PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Dawn Marie’s Puts You In a Dilemma

You told me you were coming to town for meetings and asked if I would be willing to meet you for drinks one night while you were in town. Things just happen to work out and so I agreed to meet you in the bar of your hotel. We had a cocktail and great conversation and really hit it off. We decide to go up to your room for a little fun. We had so pretty sex and I notice it is getting late… So here is the dilemma… Do you send me on my way, or do you invite me to spend the night and continue our fun through out the night and then drag your ass to your meeting?? What would you do?? GET ALL MY XXX PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


Could You Hold It Together?

Could You Hold It Together Taking My Pics?

This update is a little different and by that I mean was shot by Rob on his Android. We had planned to shoot pics, but then realized the camera was not here at the house. I didn’t want to push my update off or post something old, so we used what we had. It was kind of fun, he was able to get all these fun angles that he couldn’t with a bigger camera.. What do you think, what to give it a try sometime? Think you could hold it together long enough to take the pics?? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY XXX PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

And I want to thank Led for sending me this nightie from my wish list, I love it!!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie