Are You Ready for Wife Dating?

Wife Dating

Next week hubby is going out of town and since I’ll be home alone, I figured it was time for some naughty fun … VBEG! I jump on my online dating site profile to see if there were any men out there that wanted to hook up for some no strings attached fun. I found this guy that has a huge black cock and started chatting him up. Once we were chatting back and forth, I have to say the anticipation of our meeting was overwhelming. I can’t wait to get a hold of the BBC to suck and fuck. There is something really naughty about going on a date while hubby is out of town. It always makes me so horny. Would you go out on sneaky date with me?


Do You Like Stuffing?

Thanksgiving Stuffing!
(High-Rez Photos in my Club)

Dateline 22-Nov-23 4:21 PM – If you are in the USA I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season!

I wanted to get these pictures up for Thanksgiving because I’m ready to get stuffed … and I’m not talking about food … VBEG! The kind of stuffing I want only you can provide and that is your big hard cock inside me … hehehe! I was imagining myself bent over this love seat with you standing behind me sliding your cock in and out of my wet pussy! Then I’d turn around sit down on the love seat and feast on your hard cock until I milked all the juices out of it! Does this sound like the kind of Thanksgiving celebration you’d like to have. If so … let the feast begin!


Grab the High Heels

High Heels: Grab On & Take Me For a Ride

If there is one thing my hubby has a fetish for it is definitely blue jeans. So I surprised him and put on this pair of blue jeans with my a nice tight white shirt sleeveless shirt. But to spice it up a little bit I put on these deep blue high heels.

What is it about high heels? Wearing high heels always makes me feel a little more naughty and provocative. Not sure why but I do like the feeling they give me. Heels just seems to spice up my attitude and I do things in high heels I would not do in flats. For example, I can fuck with my high heels on but you’ll never see me fucking in flats LOL! But guys seem to love when my legs are up in the air and they can hold on to my heels. I must admit it is an awesome feeling when a guy is hold my legs by the heel as you slides deep inside of my wet pussy! I’m a submissive girl so I love when the man takes control and drives me home so to speak … VBEG!

Strip me out of my jeans and I promise to leave my heels on … grab on take me for a ride!


Toys in the Tub

Get Off in the Tub with Me!

Ok guys I’m not going to beat around the bush here! I got a new toy the other day at Fascinations and had not had a chance to use it. So Thursday night I was home alone for a little bit, while hubby and son were out running errands. So I ran up and filled a warm tub and laid back with my head on the towel and filled my pussy with my new toy. It was so hot and erotic just escaping into fantasy land … you have a fantasy with me in mind … please please do tell!


Curvy Moms

Remembering – Curvy Moms!

Recently I have been going down memory lane and remembering the old days. That was such a fun time and the beginning of nudity online. We had a fantastic community of women that all worked together to make getting online naked a super fun and community experience. Unfortunately, with the fracturing of Internet cause by social media and people all moving off into their own corners of the online world keeping that community together was just too tough to maintain and it all had to be closed down. The other bad thing about modern internet is the trolls. The trolls caused many of the online housewives to close their sites because idiots would out them to their hometowns. But myself, I have stayed, and nobody has been able to chase me offline.

This is the first of a start of new series on my website in which I will share some very old picture sets from the early days of and In this set Dreamnet Nikki came to visit for a week in April of 2002. She was from the south eastern USA and it was first time in the desert. We did this fun picture set in my bathroom that had a wonderful view of the open desert. Enjoy our curves because we both are definitely curvy moms and we get naked showing off every inch of naked bodies together!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



Howdy Y’all!!  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and if you are were it has been raining and flooding a lot, I hope the weather changes for you soon.  We of course are still well into the 100 degree days of our summer and I’m sick of it, LOL.  I miss getting up and walking in the morning and can’t wait to get back to that when our weather changes.  I joined a new gym a couple weeks ago and have been doing cardio and yoga there, but I’m not sure that yoga is for me.  I am experiencing pain in my knee when there is a movement that requires me to be on all four or to put direct pressure on the knee.  This is the knee that I feel on when I slipped that day when walking.  I might look into a water class or perhaps a dance type class.  Today I actually did weights, which I haven’t done in a LONG time and I’m feeling it, LOL.

We have been spending some time with Adora lately, and let me tell you see is such a sweet, funny and very sexual person, hehe..  if you are not following her, you should.

Oh, my weight journey, it has been a bit since I updated… I am down 41.4 pounds and still a way to go, but still doing it…  It is step by step, pound by pound.    Again I can not thank you all enough for the encouragement and support!!

Kisses ~ Dawn Marie