Must Read True Story!

My Secret Black Stud

NOTE: YOU MUST READ THIS STORY TO GET THE FULL IMPACT AND DOWN RIGHT NAUGHTINESS OF THESE PICTURES! I am sharing something very private with you today! This is something I thought I’d never share, but once I showed hubby he told me how hot it was and who cares if the pictures and video are perfect, he said I should go ahead and show you guys. Hubby was a little upset at first that I waited so long to show him. But he’s happy now :)

So here is the full story. I had met this awesome looking black man online and he turned me on like crazy. My pussy would get wet just talking to him on IM. But I didn’t want to share with the world, he was just going to be my little secret. But he was turned on by the idea of taking pictures with me, so I said “Ok, I’ll bring over my camera and video camera and we can have some naughty fun taking pictures, but I ONLY want you to have them. I told him it would be our little secret. So I went to his house and we used the remote controls for both cameras and took a ton of pictures of us together having lots of hot sex! It was a night I will never forget and he even had me over many more times after this night.

Well our little secret unraveled one day when hubby was backing up some data on my MAC and found the pictures. I had to admit to him the whole store and tell him all about it. Well to my surprise, he became really aroused by the story and not all pissed off which is what I thought would happen.

But he did give me one condition! He told me I had to share the pictures and confess the story to the world and then promise to him that if I have anymore fun with my Big Black Stud that he had to be kept in the loop!



Holiday Party Pre-Party
(Spontaneous iPhone Picture Set)

This was a totally impromptu photoset taken on my iPhone. Hubby and I were getting ready to head out for a Holiday Dinner Party and just as we were leaving hubby said “Gimmie your iPhone and get in front of the tree”. He started snapping photos with my iPhone and low and behold I started getting naked … VBEG! I always love these kind of spontaneous photo sets and my hubby’s mind works in dirty ways sometimes .. haha! So, I got on the corner of the couch and started stripping out of my holiday dress right in front of the pretty lights of our Christmas tree. Who doesn’t like a mom getting naked by the light of the Christmas tree? If I came to your holiday party would you have naughty images of naked Dawn Marie running through your head? What if I sat next to you at the dinner table and told you about this picture set I just took before arriving? Would you let me feel your cock discretely under the table? Tell me how you would react with naked visions of me in your head at the holiday party!

Hugs & Kisses & Merry Christmas ~ Dawn Marie!


Things Not Always Black & White

Come get me naked!

You know sometimes things are not always as they seem. Here I am in a total black and white environment yet my skin tone and red hair shows through :) I was asked recently why do you only shoot pictures with black men. Well the answer to that question is not as colorful as it seems. You see I have shot pictures with black men and white over the years. But agreed I tend to end up with more black men. Why is that you ask? Because they show up that is why LOL! I cannot tell you the number of times a nice looking white man has setup a date to shoot pictures with me and then bailed out at the very last second. I’m not sure why that is, whether it just a case of once a fantasy becomes real they get scared or they think about getting caught or what? But the reality over the years is the black guys almost always show up and don’t back out.

Now I would be happy to have more white men in pictures and if you want to volunteer let me know. I was just talking to hubby saying that I need a white man to join me in pictures and hubby was like “heck yes let’s do it”. You see I am really an equal opportunity sexual woman. My biggest requirement is that you are as you are advertised and that you show up. So you see everything is not so black and white when it comes to the my flavor of sexy fun … hehehe! So if you think you have what it takes let me know!


The Clit Gift

The Rose Toy – A Full 4K Video!

Brand new full 4k Video – My long-time friend that I met through my website, Carl, was so kind and purchased this for me. It’s called “The Rose Toy” and sucks my clit like nothing I’ve ever used! This may be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever used. Talk about seeing stars! This thing will make any woman cum intensely. Join me for this full 4k video fun! I cum back time and I want you to cum with me!


Cum on Me

Please Cum on My Pics! It Turns Me On!
(with included sound of me talking dirty for JOI encouragement!)

You know there is nothing hotter to me than having sex with a guy and then watching him pull out to shoot his load all over me … VBEG! I know don’t what it is, but for me it is like the ultimate compliment. Feeling his warm cum land on my body just drives me wild. I like to watch the look on his face and then the cum actually shoot out of the end of his cock! It’s as if I just made him feel so good and he his showing me his appreciation by giving me a nice warm load of cum … yummy!

Well here is your chance to cum for me. I know we are far apart physically but we don’t have to be far apart emotionally. I took a set of pictures and posed so that you can shoot your cum on me :) And I’ve even included MP3 sound files to give you a little extra incentive to so spray me with your warm cum.


Instant Gratification

BBC & Pantyhose! Pictures & HD Video!

Early one morning and I am naked in my kitchen getting ready to work out. As I was getting ready to go out the back door from the kitchen table I hear a notification for a direct message letting me know someone messaged me. When I went to check it out it was my friend whom I shot a video with not to long ago. We began talking for a minute and then I became very sexually aroused and the thought of him sliding his big black cock inside my pussy made me totally wet. I told him right there on Yahoo that I couldn’t wait until he came back to town so I could suck his cock again … LOL!

Well anyway, we finished our conversation and I was so worked up that I couldn’t repress the need I had for for an orgasm. So I grabbed my big orange toy and filled my pussy thinking of him fucking me and his hard cock sliding between my lips. Just one of the odd moments of Instant Gratification that comes along every once in a great while!


Stockings in the Office

Wanna Get Under my Skirt? High-Rez Photos!

Nothing like a business woman all dressed up at work in a blouse and skirt wearing a garter and stockings! I’m not even a girl/girl type of girl but I can appreciate a sexy dressed business woman. It’s just the power they put off and the confidence that oozes out of them that makes them sexy as hell. I love wearing stockings and skirt because the guys in the office don’t know if it’s pantyhose or stockings … that is until I “accidentally” let my skirt ride up so they can see the stockings where the garter is clipped on. I always try to be very coy about it but then I like to peek out of the corner of my eye to see who is looking. Then when I can catch a glance of a man watching I will just smile and wink at him. I know that is inappropriate behavior at the office but I am old fashion and I like to flirt! So what goes though your mind when you see a sexy business woman? Is it something that turns you on?


BBC and Mature

BBC & Pantyhose! Pictures & HD Video!

There is nothing I like more than big black cock and pantyhose! In this update I get to combine both of them together. My newest black friend Jay has a love of pantyhose and when he revealed that to me I knew what the perfect scene would be for us. So this past Sunday I put on a nice skirt, blouse, heels and pantyhose and then invited Jay over to my house. I was getting so horny anticipating his arrival I could hardly wait. Once he walked in the front the door it did not take long until we were go at it. We started making out on the couch and it wasn’t long before I was ripping his clothes and he was doing the same to me, however, the pantyhose NEVER came off of me. Jay just ripped them open and ate my pussy until I orgasmed and then we fucked some more! It was so damn hot … hehe! When I took his big black cock into my mouth I could feel it growing harder and harder between my lips. We had so much fun sucking and fucking … I finally finished him off and let him come right on my lips!


That Country Girl Vibe

High-Rez Photos!

Hey guys this is an unusual shoot for me. I’ve never been one to do the “household” type shoots like cooking, cleaning and stuff like that. But this past Monday I was walking around the house doing laundry in these tight ass little white daisy dukes and simple little tie up shirt and hubby was like … “wow, that is a hot look Dawn Marie we should do pictures right now!”. So I said “OK … let’s do it” and he grab his camera and we started shooting right in our little laundry closet …. hehehhe!

I knew hubby would like this outfit because he loves sexy women in casual everyday stuff and he grew up in rural area so things like halter tops, cut offs and blue jeans really turn him on. He loves that whole country and down home girl vibe. When we’re out in public I am always pointing out to him the sexy country or down home type of girls and he really loves it … hehehehe! I’m such a good wife to be pointing them out to him don’t ya’ think … LOL!

So how do you feel about the whole country and down home type of girl in her everyday clothes? Is it something that turns you on. If you ran into me wearing something like this would you enjoy it? Let me know what you think and what goes through your mind when you see me in this country girl outfit.


Fantasy vs. Reality

Fantasy Can Feel Very Real!

You know sometimes fantasy is “almost” as good as reality! I was home alone today and my hubby has had an awful cold lately so I was feeling some pent up sexual frustration. I decided what the hell and went upstairs to get one of my favorite glass toys out. I climbed onto the bed and started getting busy. I let my mind wander to favorite tried and true fantasy of meeting a business man that is in town for only one night, heading to his hotel for 8 hours of true bliss. I just imagine him and I meeting in the bar of a swanky Scottsdale hotel and then going up to is room for unabashed not strings attached sex! Just total sexual freedom with no worries of tomorrow! Well needless to say it was not long until my pussy was quivering with delight and I was soaked! Wanna to make this fantasy become reality?



Once In While We All Need Luxury

You know every once in while we all need a little luxury. You know me and I am not a very high maintenance woman. I’m actually a relatively easy going woman raised in small town Kentucky. So I have never really experienced the “high life”. But every now and then we all want to be treated special. So recently I got to stay in this beautiful hotel room and it just made me feel fantastic. Having a little bit of luxury now and then is good for the ego and good for the soul. Don’t ya’ think? Having the finer things in life is something I’ve never had. Don’t misunderstand me … I’m not crying poverty, but I am certainly not rich either. Just your average American woman with a middle class family living a middle class life. So staying in such a nice room was a real turn on for me and let me feel extra special for a few days. I sure could get used to the luxury life style but I have to tell you I’m not sure it’s really me. I am much more of jeans, t-shirt and flip flop woman.

My mind could not help but wander as I was on this luxurious bed in my nighty and heels. Of course you know where it wandered … to the thoughts of a man taking me right here and now on this nice bed. Thoughts right out of a cheap love novel of being taken passionately and firmly for the night! I’ve always had the meet a strange man in the hotel bar fantasy and then retiring to his room for a night pure uninhibited bliss. Well now is your chance!


Redhead Ready

I’m Ready for Some Fresh Hard Dick!

This redhead is ready to get back on the horse, or should I say a big dick LOL! Who wants to come a give me a good dick, lay some pipe, fuck me hard, pound my pussy or whatever euphemism you want to use! It has been while since I went out and got some strange and I am ready. I have this new lingerie and I want to try it out on a real man and have fuck me hard and take me of me sexually. I’ll be sure to reciprocate … hehe! You take care of me, and I’ll take care of you. You can suck on my big squishy tits and play with my booty and pussy before you fuck me. I’ll be sure to touch you sensually and worship that hard cock of yours with my mouth. Just the thought of having a strange cock in my mouth is making me wet! There is something super erotic and wrapping my hands and mouth around a nice hard cock I’ve never had before! So, let’s do it and you can do me and pump my pussy full of your wet cum.


A Touch of Gray

100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 09-Jun-2022

Hey guys, you know how much I enjoy shooting selfies for you. As I have mentioned before being alone taking pictures always lets my mind wander to naughty thoughts and being frisky with a stranger. My biggest fantasy is having hook ups with a sexy stranger or man I don’t know well. There is just something exciting about meeting someone for the first time and having sex shortly after meeting. The anticipation of the meetings is really a turn on too and that is what makes me so horny doing these selfie updates. I am getting my hair colored again on Saturday and I thought you might enjoy seeing me with a touch of gray in my hair. As you know I’m no spring chicken anymore and yes, I do have gray that I must color red now. See all the all-natural unedited me as I anticipate having sex with you, definitely makes me horny knowing you are watching … VBEG!


Black On Me Instead of In Me

In Black!

There is just something cool about wearing only two primary colors, black and white. Hubby has been after me for a long time to wear some sexy black stretch pants. So I surprise him with this outfit and he thought it was super cool. I hope you think the same. I must confess the way the stretch pants mold to my body makes me feel very sexy.

You know me, I like it most when black is in me, but in this case I’m in black … VBEG! The way these pants squeeze my ass really turns me on and gets me thinking all kinds of sexy thoughts. I would love to feel your hands running over the top of my stretch pants as we have an illicit rendezvous inside an undisclosed hotel room. There is just something super hot about “sneaking” around and being naughty. Let’s see how much trouble we can get into!


Guest Fuck!

Neighbor Needs a Place to Rest – Pictures & Video

Hey guys I think you’ll like this one .. you remember my neighbor coming over and needing a place to say then me surprising him right? Well I ended the first party with me sucking on his huge fat Latin cock! Well this is the really naughty part. I climbed on top of him and rode his hard cock like there was no tomorrow. I’m normally not this straight forward but I was so excited I just couldn’t control myself or my passion. Here is the really wild part. I had a HUGE ORGASM right on top of his cock. That is something that rarely happens to me and only happens when I am super excited! I guess being with my neighbor who I’ve fantasized about in the past was just so exciting that it sent me flying over the edge .. hehehe!


Interracial BJ and Facial

Working to Keep My Job!
15 min. video remastered in HD!

Ok many of you will not believe this but I actually do have a real job outside of my home. After all a lady has to have a back up plan … hehehe! Well recently my boss was in town conducting yearly reviews and well … let’s just say things got a little messy .. VBEG!

In all my life I have never been put into such a precarious position. I love my real world job and the people I work with … at first I was going to just walk out and walk away. But the offer he made me was very erotic and satisfying for both of us. And best of all we finished our interview and I might even get a raise since I was a good team player and we both orgasmed like crazy! I even let my boss give me HUGE FACIAL!


Post Presentation Party

Now the Fun Begins!

I was worried about the presentation that I just kept my mind on the “after party” so that I could stay focused. But what I didn’t expect was surprising my colleagues with my naughty evening gown. I think they were in shock when I showed up all “sexed up” and ready for a drink. I teased and “accidentally bumped” men all night long .. LOL! See why I was the talk of the office the next day.


Cold Toy In My Warm Pussy!

Cold and Warm Go Together!

Dateline April 2nd 3:40 PM – Don’t know if you have been watching the national weather lately, but Phoenix temperatures are hitting near record highs. It was over 95 degrees last weekend setting a new record! Even today it’s in the mid-90’s! With the air conditioner cranking full tilt it’s hard to keep the house cooled down. But I found a way to cool down and heat up at the same time :) I took one of my glass toys and stuck it in my freezer for while and then retrieved it for some late afternoon fun! When this ice cold toy slides into my warm pussy it is an amazing feeling … VBEG! Just something about the cold against the heat of my pussy gets me super excited so let’s cool down and heat up at the same time. Please stroke you cock and cum for me.


Traveling Mom

100% Unedited Selfies Taken on 15-Mar-2022

Hey all, I have doing too much traveling the last few months and I have one more trip planned next week before long stint at home. I’ve been having to play mom and Gigi to help out the kids through some traveling they had to do.

I shot this selfie set of photos before having to leave town mid-March and I was super horny! I was just dreaming of getting back to my normal “naughty life” and wishing I had some strange cock in bed with me? Are you willing to be that man?


Kitchen Sex

Kitchen Sex is Best :)

What is about kitchen sex? Is it because traditionally it’s the ladies domain or because it’s often the most impromptu place where a man sneaks up behind his woman and just starts playing with her? Well whatever it is … impromptu kitchen sex is hot! I have this recurring fantasy where I’m working in the kitchen and nice man comes up behind me and we get busy right then and there! He starts kissing the back of my neck and then lifts up onto the kitchen island proceeding strip off my clothes. You know what turns on most about this? He can stand on the side and bury his head in my pussy as I’m up on my elbows watching him eat me out. I love having my pussy eaten and in what better place than kitchen …. VBEG! I really get off on watching a guy go down on me just as when I’m sucking a guys cock and look up to stare right in his eyes while my mouth is totally full of hardness! Hungry Yet? I am, so let’s enjoy each on in the kitchen and we’ll be sure to have the full course after the appetizers … hehehehe! 😁


Pantyhose in the Sun

Oh Winter in Arizona LOL!

I know that much of the country is stuck in a bitter cold snap with temperatures below zero degrees so I thought I’d share some of the Arizona sun with you. One of the fantastic things about Arizona is in the middle of winter it is 70 degrees and sunny outside! I really want to warm you up so I put on my seamless white pantyhose and decided to get naked out in the sun. Thinking of you watching me from the frozen parts of the country as I get naked outside totally turns me on. Imagine me warming you up by wrapping my nylon covered legs around you. Or perhaps I just sit on your face and let you eat my pussy right through the nylon crotch of my pantyhose. I hope that I am able to raise your temperature because you surely raise mine! Let’s warm up together by having some hot sex with each other!


Toys in the Tub

Get Off in the Tub with Me!

Ok guys I’m not going to beat around the bush here! I got a new toy the other day at Fascinations and had not had a chance to use it. So Thursday night I was home alone for a little bit, while hubby and son were out running errands. So I ran up and filled a warm tub and laid back with my head on the towel and filled my pussy with my new toy. It was so hot and erotic just escaping into fantasy land … you have a fantasy with me in mind … please please do tell!


Signs of Getting Older

Mature and In Glasses

As many of you know I am no spring chicken. I am in my 50s and not bashful about sharing my age. As a matter of fact, I have enjoyed my 50s so far and usually I don’t even think about age … hehehehe! But recently something happened to me that made me think of my age. I’ve had to get glasses. The past few months I’ve had trouble reading my computer and books and finally went last week to have my eyes checked. Well sure enough I’ve been prescribed glasses and I’m quite happy with them. I’ve been told that my glasses give me that sexy librarian look, and I take that as a compliment. There is something sexy about a mature woman in glasses and if you agree please let me know what you think.


Glass in My Ass!

Anal Fun!

Ok guys … if you have been following me for a while you know I am not a big lover of anal sex! I do it from time to time but it’s not my favorite thing. But I do have one fantasy that I’ve been trying to fulfill and could never figure out quite how to do it! I always wanted to do a DP but I was like NO WAY can take a man in my pussy and ass at the same time. It would just be to much for me. But the idea of having my ass filled while a guy fucking me is a big turn on. So then I found this special glass anal toy that is designed to “stay in” while I’m having sex and I don’t have to hold. So tonight I thought I’d practice and see who well this thing stays in my ass. It stayed in good so you think it’s time I should do a DP with a guy and this toy?


Ode to Summer

Let’s Remember Summer and Less Clothes!

Now that the USA is in the grips of winter with snow starting to fall, I thought I would post these pictures I took last August on a little vacation with hubby. We stayed in Palm Springs and it was super-hot so there was not a lot of clothing being worn. I thought I’d share these now so we can all remember the good warmth and skimpy dressed people of summertime. I love wearing these kind of cleavage shirts when I go out in public and catching the glimpse for other men or even their wives. Sometimes, the wives give me that jealous look when they catch their man looking at my tits, that turns me on VBEG! Let’s remember the summer when we could all wear a lot less and be more flirtatious!