Selfie Saturday

Selfies from my iPhone directly to you! No editing!

Happy Saturday y’all!! I thought it was time for another Selfie Saturday!! I decided to put this tight little purple dress on, well not sure it is really a dress, but it is tight, and take some pics for you!!! I love the idea that I am taking these pics for you and that it is just you and me!! You don’t mine that it is just the two of us do you? What else would we do together?? Is it something we would want to take pics of?? Come join me for a Selfie Saturday and see what fun we can come up with … CLICK HERE!

Hugs and Kisses ~ Dawn Marie


From Bubble Bath To Night Out!

Dawn Marie Out The Tub – Into Bra & Panties!

I thought a night out on the town should start with a nice relaxing bubble bath, what do you think?  Would you want to slip in the tub and get nice and relaxed with me?  Then we would get out and I would slip on this little, and I do mean little bra and matching panties.  These were made for easy access, don’t ya think? I could slip on a dress giving you easy access to both my breast and pussy, making it easy for you to play with either or both, hehe..  What do you think?  Want to go out on the town with me sometime????  CLICK HERE!

p.s.  Thanks Eric for the item from my wishlist!!!!


Memorial Day in Blue Jeans

Dawn Marie In Blue Jeans for Memorial Day!

First off, I want to say Happy Memorial Day. Despite it being our annual start of summer we must not forget what Memorial Day is really all about, memorializing the dead that have sacrificed for our country. So, whether you are partying on the lake or in the backyard take a few minutes to remember those that have helped to keep us free.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I have the perfect all American outfit; tight ripped blue jeans, white spaghetti strap top and my Toms red, white and blue shoes.  There is nothing more American than a woman in tight blue jeans. It is the quintessential American pant.  So, do you like a woman in tight blue jeans. I know it is one of my husband’s most desired things. He loves an ass in tight jeans. However, here comes the fun part … you get to help me strip naked and remove my jeans and everything else I am wearing. Wanna help me get naked on this holiday weekend … let’s celebrate naked and work ourselves into a sexual frenzy! CLICK HERE!


Time For White

Dawn Marie In Tight White Jeans

In Arizona we can get away with wearing white all year long. But I know in most of the country wearing white before Memorial Day is taboo LOL! Well Memorial Day is only about week away so I figured it was time to break out the white jeans. So here I am in my skin tight white jeans and blue off the shoulder top.  I always think it is fun to go out a show a little skin. Not to much as I like to keep people guessing, but as I go out in this outfit I do get some looks! I like the flirting look I get sometimes when I’m out. What woman doesn’t like a flirt? But I also like moving past the flirt hehe! So if you saw me out dressed like this would you flirt with me? You never know where it may lead! CLICK HERE!


Sometimes You Just Want Laid

Dawn Marie Wants No Strings Attached Cock!

At times in all our lives we just want some raw uninhibited sex! You know what I am talking about … just some no strings attached fucking! This was one of those days! I rented a hotel room and called up one of my “fuck buddies” that I know loves to play! He has a nice big cock and he knows how to use it. I don’t want “love” I just want to partake in an evening of rambunctious sexual fun.  The anticipation of his arrival to the hotel had me getting all wet! Just the thought of him sliding that hard dick deep in my pussy had my whole body tingling. So what do you think? Does an evening in bed with me sound like something that would turn you on? CLICK HERE and let me know!


The Tighter The Better

Dawn Marie In Skin Tight Spandex Dress

I constantly hear from the guys that follow me and they tell me … “the tighter the better”.  Well then, I have that fulfilled for you today! This is a dress someone gave me off my wish list and is probably the tightest thing I have ever worn. I get so much positive feedback from guys that love all my curves squished into a tight dress and it does not get much tighter than this.  Are you one of those men that like a woman packed tight into her dress? If so I got you covered in this update LOL! Now come help me strip out it.  Believe me it will take two of us to get it off VBEG! CLICK HERE!


Sexual Therapy

Dawn Marie Provides Sexual Therapy

So you have come into see me today because you’ve had the blues recently and have not been feeling your normal happy self? Well perhaps there is something I can do about that. I am no professional psychologist but I do specialize in making people happy.  It seems to me that you are down because you have not had enough sex lately, is that true? I am sorry to hear that but I think I can remedy that situation right here and right now! I’ll start by slowly stripping out of my business attire, but I’ll leave my white pantyhose on long enough for you to enjoy them.  You just sit there in that chair and stroke your cock while I strip.  I know you have a fetish for pantyhose so I’ll be sure to tease you for a bit … but the big surprise will come at the end. Once I am nude I’ll bend over on this chair and I want you to bury your cock deep in my pussy from behind. I want you to fuck me hard until you cum deep inside my pussy.  That will release all the sad feelings from you soul and we will both be satisfied. Does that sound like a plan for our session this afternoon? CLICK HERE!


My Personal Selfies

My Personal Selfies
from my iphone to you!

Well I thought it was time to share you some special selfies and not just a selfie update!  A few of these I have shared on Twitter, but the majority are just selfies I have taken on my phone and shared with special friends, hehe . So, would you like to get ahold of my phone?  Think you might enjoy yourself with what you find??  Well CHECK OUT the update and have some fun with the pics I have shared with you!!! CLICK HERE!


Wanna Take Me 9 Innings?

Baseball Is Back So Take Me To Home Base!

It’s that time of the year, the official start of baseball.  Do you enjoy “America’s favorite pastime”?  Do you think you would be able to concentrate on the game if I were with you?  Think you could go 9 innings with me?  Or perhaps we would have to go into extra innings??  I’m down for it, LOL..   Check out my update and let me know if you are up to playing some ball… CLICK HERE!



Dawn Marie Gets Her March Madness On!

If you know me at all, you know I am a sports girl and right now it is MARCH MADNESS!  What you also know is that I bleed blue for the Kentucky Wildcats, born and raised a Kentucky girl.  So we have a BIG game tonight against UCLA and I thought, why not support my team.  How about you?  Do you have a team?  Would you be willing to crawl into bed with me in my Kentucky Blue?  Maybe we can see how much wildcat I really have in me?  Would you like me to take control?? You know I love being on top riding a nice hard cock, my tits in your face and your hands on my ass…  So what are you waiting for, come join me for a little madness, hehe.


Right There Watching Me

Right There Watching Me

Totally Unedited Pictures …
from my iPhone to the Web!

As you know we have been super busy, which always seems to be the case in January / February.. This year it was Rob going to Vegas and I went to Chicago for two weeks for our grandson and then Rob went to Chicago.  Then we have have friends visit from out of state and building two new sites, so a little busy, LOL.  So on Saturday I took my trusty phone and selfie stick and shot these pics for you.  It is fun to take the selfies as I sometimes think you are sitting right there watching me take each one.  Is that something you think you could do?  Do you think you could just sit in the chair across from me and not want to take the phone from me and shoot the pics or even better yet, grab me?? CLICK HERE and check out the pics I took just for you!!!


The Color Orange and Me

Why I Love The Color Orange

You know sometimes you just want it bright and shiny! There are all kinds of metaphors for colors in our language. Orange has always been one of my favorite colors and it always makes me think happy thoughts. Thoughts of sunny days, times at the beach and thoughts of hot sex. Yes I know most people associate red with sexual activity but for me it’s orange for some odd reason I cannot explain.  But what the hell … who cares why I think that way … let’s just take advantage of it.  You can bend me over this chair and slide your cock inside me from behind watching my big ass bounce and wiggle while you give it to me. Slap that ass, make that booty shake and drive your hard cock deep inside of me. Doesn’t that sound like a great time? It sure does to me. CLICK HERE!


Giddy Anticipation

I’m Full of Giddy Sexual Anticipation

I was giddy as can be in this update because I have schedule some updates with some men and I am so ready to get back in action and make this fun sexual life come alive again. As I was shooting these  pictures as I was waiting for a guy to show up so we can have some naughty fun together. In my skin tight pants, tight shirt and heels I was ready. I didn’t have panties on, which is rare for me … LOL!  But just anticipating his arrival and thought of some new cock I’ve never had before got me all horny for a great time. If you showed up to see me in stretch pants this tight would you be into it?  Whether you are a thick or thin woman I know my husband always likes skin tight clothes on women.  So I’m hoping you like the same. Are you ready to come in her peel off these stretch pants and let my big tits out of their bra?  I’m ready and waiting! CLICK HERE!



February Marks My 19th Year Naked Online!

Ok if you know me and have followed me for a while you know that I do not call myself a MILF, it is for you to decided whether or not I am MILF. But something happened this week that is huge, I became a grandmother … and I am perfectly happy about it. As matter of fact I am over the moon thrilled to be a grandmother for the first time. So it begs to question … for those of you that choose to call me a MILF, does that mean I am now a GILF?

February is my anniversary month online. I started way back in 1998 and it is hard to believe that this month I am starting my 19th year online. We have done some research I believe I am the longest running and continually updating mom online. All the women that started prior to me I believe have retired from shooting. But I still shoot new pictures and videos regularly. So it only makes sense that I have transitioned from a MILF to GILF in my 19 years online.

I want to personally thank all of you that have followed me throughout the years and still have fun with me online. It does truly mean a lot to me and I still have fun doing it and hearing from you.  So what do you say … wanna join this GILF for naked fun … after all age is just a number and I’m still horny girl … VBEG! CLICK HERE!


Business Attire

Who Is That Woman In the Cubicle Next To You?

What … Business Attire in the kitchen?  I had to go out tonight for a meeting and I was all dressed in my business attire and hubby was like “we should do a set of pictures in that”. So here ya’ go .. I often have men tell me there is something sexy about a woman in business attire and glasses. They tell me it is all about the woman that is in the cubicle next to you at the office.  Fantasizing about the sexy married woman in the office is a hot turn on for both men and women and often you wonder … “I wonder what they would like naked”. It is that fantasy of sneaking out from working and having a nooner with married woman that is so alluring. If I was in the cubicle next to you would you want to hit on me and flirt with me?  I hope so because it is that kind of sexual chemistry in the work place that keeps us all coming back to the office LOL!  CLICK HERE and let me know what you would do to me in my work attire.


Cougar Night Out

Dawn Marie In Her Cougar Night Out!

I am so READY for a fun night out at the club. One of the things I enjoy most is going to a dance club that plays Hip Hop and having men I don’t even know come up and ask me to dance. There is something very erotic about going to “cougar night” at the club and seeing all these hot men that want to dance and get frisky. Have a nice hot guy come out on the dance floor to squeeze up against me is huge on. So I thought I’d go out in this little mini-skirt, tight top and heels to try and lure a nice man for some fun. Of course not wearing panties makes it all the more risqué’ … that way if we get turned on enough we can slip into the bathroom stall where I can take is dick deep inside me in a hurry … VBEG! There is nothing more erotic then sudden spontaneous sex and this is one fun way to get it! CLICK HERE!!


Mom In Jeans

Dawn Marie In Her Ripped Blue Jeans

We’ve all heard of “mom jeans” but rest assured I do not wear mom jeans LOL! But I am a mom that likes blue jeans. In this update I have on my favorite jeans … their ripped with holes in them and I always get compliments when I wear them. Hubby always tells me there is something super sexy about a woman in jeans. I think it is the image that jeans portray.  Wearing jeans seem to tell people you are “down to earth” and a casual type person. That is definitely me, I am certainly down to earth and friendly.  Guys tell me that they find jeans with holes in them attractive on a woman I think is because the holes tease you with a hint of what is underneath LOL! So what do you think? Do you like a woman in jeans? Rest assured that you get to see me strip out of my jeans and and get completely naked and naughty for you … CLICK HERE!!


No Elf on the Shelf

Dawn Marie Is No Ordinary Elf on the Shelf

I don’t think I’m any ordinary Elf on the Shelf.  Have you been a good boy??  Would you want to wake up and find me as your Elf?  I think we could find a few spots a bit better for me to sit than on a shelf?  What do you think??  Where would you like me to sit??   Perhaps your face?? You do know I like it on top, that is my favorite place to sit, VBEG!!    Check out my ELF Selfie update and let me know where you would like me to sit! CLICK HERE!!


Invitation Only

Invitation Only a Party for 2

Some places are by Invitation Only and you never cum unless you are invited to do so.  I am the one that sends out the invites for my private parties and I do believe I need to send out a few more invites this next year.  Would you accept my invite?  Would you RSVP and bring your favorite party favor with you?VBEG .  It would just be a party of two and there is no dress code required…  Just the two of us, giving and receiving our own special kind of gifts. Come get naked with me and let’s start celebrating! CLICK HERE! 


My Neighbor The Voyeur

Neighbor Watches Me From His Window

I have this guy that lives next door to me and he knows that I have an adult website, but his wife does not.  So we have this secret little text code that we send to each other when he wants to see me naked having fun.  He goes upstairs into his bed room and I get naked behind our house so that he can watch. It is actually are real turn on for both of us. I put on my favorite bikini this day and went out into the backyard where I get naked for him and spread my pussy nice and wide. All the while he’s up in his bedroom jacking off while he watches me play with myself. It’s always fun later when we run into each other at neighborhood party and we have something naughty to giggle about. Would you have fun watching naked in my backyard without your girl knowing you were doing it? CLICK HERE! 


Selfie Tub Playfullness

Dawn Marie Selfie Tub Playfulness
(With short video clip)

What better way to spend the holiday with you than just the two of us in a Bubble Bath.  How fun would it be to slide into the tub with me and feel our bodies pressed up against each other as we wash and caress each other.  What do you think??  I’ll wash your back if you promise to wash mine, and of course we will play close attention to all the other important parts, VBEG … So, what do you say, what to slide in with me?? CLICK HERE! 


Me & My Selfie Stick Outdoors

Me & My Selfie Stick Outdoors (Don’t Miss The Free Video Below)

Dateline 11-Nov-16: I knew I owed you guys new pictures and the past week has been such a whirlwind with the election and I had to travel today to visit family so I was a the airport Friday morning at 7am. So I decided to have a little fun in is week of stressful days. I got my self stick and when out onto my back porch and shot 74 pictures. You get to see 72 of them I only threw out 2 there were out of focus. This is 100% the real me … no photo editing or touch ups. The ONLY thing done to these pictures is resizing them and stamping my site name on them. So join for this fun frolic on my back porch as I have some naked selfie fun!CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY BACK PORCH SELFIES UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! 



Wanna Piece of Me

Get a Piece of Me In My One Piece

So today I put on this one piece easy access lingerie and I am loving it. I’m thinking you may wanna get a piece of me in my sexy new one piece, is that true? Well just imagine if you setup a rendezvous for the both of us and we meet at some dark club and I’m wearing this. I could put on a coat and wear nothing but this underneath. We could sit in a booth in a dark corner of the club and you could feel me up underneath my coat. That sounds like something that would turn me on like crazy.  I rub your cock over top your pants as we sit in the booth. Suddenly I look at you say “follow me”. I lead you outside to the parking lot where I bend over and lean on the hood of the car. You unzip your pants, sweep my coat aside and plunge your hard cock into my pussy right there in the parking lot. You quickly start fucking me as I’m leaning on the hood of the car. We both end in orgasm and my pussy is filled with your warm cum. I stand up cover up with my coat and we head back to the club and our dark corner booth. All the while your cum is running down my thighs. Does this sound like fun time to you? It’s a fantasy that totally turns me on! CLICK HERE! 


Wanna Play Connect The Dots?

Wanna Play Connect The Dots with Me?

Wanna play connect the dots with me??    Just where would you make your first move?  hmmmm  on my breast, perhaps my butt or go right for the spot between my legs?? If you strategically connect them in the right way, I think we could have a very interesting game.  I’m thinking if you play your moves right it will be no time at all and I will be out of these clothes and we can really connect things … CLICK HERE and let’s get this game started! 



Paint Your Place

Want Dawn Marie’s Help Painting?

Hey guys as you know we have another site that we own, We have a studio that we shoot those scenes in and I am here again today painting.  In fact if you follow me on twitter I have been doing a lot of painting here.  In fact I think I should go into the painting business, LOL..  Would you be willing to let me paint your place?  Would you help me out, how about holding the ladder for me?? So get your cock out and watch how I paint, I think you might like the way I paint, hehe … CLICK HERE!